How I found incredible success in spite of extreme undiagnosed social anxiety 

From homelessness to a successful talk radio career Jay shares how anxiety affected every aspect of his daily life. Learn how he overcame a desire to take his own life and how he has now become a strong advocate for mental health awareness. 

Are you looking for relationship advice? Are you engaged and wanting to start your marriage on the right note? Or are you empty nesters who are looking to respark your romance? Former KSL NewsRadio talk show host Jay "JayMac" Mcfarland will teach you how to have the best relationship regardless of what phase of life you're in. He created an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that shows you how you can get the best out of your marriage by teaching you how to get over an argument and helping your spouse to become their best self.

“You don't stay committed because you're in love. You stay in love because you're committed”

Joyful Parents will show you how to take the anger and frustration out of parenting. This will make room for the joyful experience that parenting should be.

Learn how to parent in the digital age

Joyful Leaders will teach you how to get the absolute best performance out of every member of your team. These successes will drive up employee retention while greatly reducing the stress of being a manager. 

Some people believe that it’s getting harder and harder to find good employees. I believe that the reality is that it’s getting harder and harder to find good managers. The methods taught in this book will ensure that you are always seen as one of the best managers within your organization.